Your weekly Monday box arrives fresh from our farm and is delivered to the address of your choice, between the hours of 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM.

Our organic CSA contains 15 specially selected vegetables and produce for your enjoyment. Each box will contain the produce that is fresh and ready on our farm. Typical items will include: lettuce, tomatoes, squash, herbs, microgreens, and many more!

Saturn’s Garden organic farm is located in the greater Boston area. Our mission is to provide our local communities with a healthy, enjoyable experience they can share with friends and family each week. We accomplish this through our weekly delivery of high-quality, delicious and fresh CSA.

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Saturns Garden CSA box

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Season Sampler (1-2pp) — $40 per week.

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Full Plate Sampler (2-4 pp) — $80 per week.

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Half Season – 7 Monday’s

June 15th – July 27th

Season Sampler –  (1-2 People) $250
Full Plate – (2-4 People) $500

Full Season – 14 Monday’s

June 15th – September 14th

Season Sampler – (1-2 People) $500
Full Plate – (2-4 People) $1,000

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