Our President & CEO J. Luke Hanabergh

Luke began his agricultural journey at an early age by gardening at his home in upstate New York.  Using his passion for gardening and farming, Luke experienced how healthy food and hard work could bring friends and family together in a unique and keenly rewarding way.

Using this experience as his muse, Luke created Saturn’s Garden, LLC while attending Bentley University in Waltham, Massachusetts. The mission of Saturns Garden — through Luke’s gardening skills and farming abilities, is to help others share a similarly rewarding experience.

saturns garden offering fresh locally grown produce

Organizational Principles:

We operate on a set of 3 principles that help guide our organization each and every day.

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    Our purpose is to bring value to the communities and residents of the greater Boston area. By offering, fresh, locally-grown produce and a service they can rely upon, we seek to improve the lives of our fellow neighbors. In order to do this, we bring a healthy, enjoyable, and safe service to the community.

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    We believe education is the foundation to our success and your satisfaction. We take time to educate employees and consumers on our business. In order to grow we must continue to learn and adapt — this is why we place emphasis of the education of all our stakeholders.

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    All of our products will are organic and free from harmful substances. Our organic pledge is how we ensure strict organic protocols and keep the community and our products safe.